ORA-29770: global enqueue process is hung for more than 70 seconds 问题分析


Wed Sep 12 08:52:58 2018
LMS3 (ospid: 54068602) has not called a wait for 91 secs.
Errors in file /opt/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/tnmsdb/tnmsdb2/trace/tnmsdb2_lmhb_28770344.trc  (incident=3252514):
ORA-29770: global enqueue process LMS3 (OSID 54068602) is hung for more than 70 seconds
Incident details in: /opt/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/tnmsdb/tnmsdb2/incident/incdir_3252514/tnmsdb2_lmhb_28770344_i3252514.trc
ERROR: Some process(s) is not making progress.
LMHB (ospid: 28770344) is terminating the instance.



通过搜索MOS,发现和Bug 13718279 – DB instance terminated due to ORA-29770 in RAC (文档 ID 13718279.8) 情况基本吻合,都是kjfmGCR_HBCheckAll去检查LMS进程的时候报出status 2,然后waiting for event ‘gcs remote message’


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